When a friend asked me if I wanted to go to Copenhagen on a day-trip for £16 return, how could I refuse? While the city is quickly becoming more and more popular among travellers, it is still cheap to get to, easy to navigate around, and close enough to home (the UK) to complete all in one day. It is a city full of Byzantine architecture, and while many of its most famous attractions cost a pretty penny to enjoy, there is much to do for those on a budget, and a tight schedule…

1) See Copenhagen from the Sky

Copenhagen’s Round Tower is the perfect place to get a stunning panoramic view of the city from its very centre. Situated five minutes from Norreport Station and

Copenhagen from the first floor of the Round Tower (the view gets even better than this!)
Copenhagen from the first floor of the Round Tower (the view gets even better than this!)

Rosenborg Castle (which I also highly recommend), the tower is not only accessible in terms of its location, but also in its very structure. For while almost all famous towers require their visitors to trek up a few hundred ridiculously steep steps, the Round Tower consists of one long, winding slope, which carries visitors to a beautiful roof-top view of the surrounding city. To make the tower even more novel, at its height is an observatory containing a ginormous telescope and several constellation maps. The towers history is tucked away in exhibitions that lead up to the observatory, and these afford sneak-peaks of the inside of the connecting cathedral. Admission to the Round Tower converts to just a few pounds, making it a great attraction for those who wish to see great sights, walk a little, and learn a lot.

2) Get a Danish Pastry from Holm’s Bagar

The best looking darn Danish pastries I ever did see...
The best looking darn Danish pastries I ever did see…

When I think Denmark, I think pastries. Cinnamon. Apple. Custard. Chocolate. So as the date of my day-trip loomed ever nearer, I found that more and more I was fantasising about finally having the opportunity to experience the real deal. And oh, was I in for a treat. Holm’s Bagar not only offers a wide selection of sweet treats, but of savoury ones too. The staff are friendly and welcoming and the bakeries location on the busy high street makes it the perfect place to relax and people watch for a while. So, first up, a puff pastry Danish swirl held together by a sticky chocolate substance and smothered with chocolate ganache. Followed closely by a cinnamon swirl topped with delicious royal icing. Holm's BagerEach was the size of a small plate, and cost the equivalent of about £2. Money well spent. So well, in fact, that will power could not stop me from sampling a third treat; an oaty, nutty, chocolate chip cookie approximately the size of my face. If you have a sweet tooth, Holm’s Bagar is your Copenhagen-haven…

3) Visit the Little Mermaid

At dusk, there are less tourists and you can get a gorgeous view of the nearby harbour...
At dusk, there are less tourists and you can get a gorgeous view of the nearby harbour…

While preparing for my visit to Copenhagen, I had read numerous articles for recommendations as to how to spend my time there. I notice that more than a few writers suggested that the Little Mermaid was not a priority. After visiting the Little Mermaid, however, I can honestly and gladly say that this is a load of old tosh (no offence to those writers). I had, of course, seen photos online of the statue, poised on her rocky perch at point where the water meets the land. It seems to me that these photographs overcompensate for the Little Mermaid; she appears grand and intimidating. They fail to capture her humble size, life-like proportion, and ultimate tranquillity. My own photographs cannot do justice to the skill that went into crafting such a piece, and I highly recommend that, when in Copenhagen with a few minute to spare, you go down to see the mermaid and see for yourself the beauty of her (for absolutely no charge whatsoever).


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